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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com


        Keyboard flight cases are made of typical parts of build flight case include aluminum extrusions, steel ball corners, recessed butterfly latches and handles. For better protection keyboard, We also u…

        ROAD CASE

        Nov 6, 2020
        A road case, ATA case or flight case is a shipping container specifically built to protect musical instruments, motion picture equipment, audio and lighting production equipment, properties, firearms…

        Hard Plastic Tool Case

        Oct 28, 2020
        Our hard plastic tool cases are made of aluminum frame and pure plastic panel with strength and impact resistance, easy closing cases, high-quality locks to make sure more security, water-resistant a…
        A barber tool case is an organizer to hold tools such as clippers, trimmers, blades, shears, combs, brushes and other hair styling tools.

        Guitar case

        Oct 9, 2020
        A guitar case is a special accessory that prevents mechanical damage to guitar and protects it from dust, humidity and temperature changes, especially during transportation.
        The traditional style is to carry your rifle with a sling when in action and keep it in a safe place when it is not in use.

        Toiletry bag/case

        Aug 27, 2020
        A toiletry bag ,also called a cosmetic bag, makeup bag,vanity bag,sponge bag, toilet bag, wash bag or wet pack, is a portable container—usually a pouch with a drawstring or zippered closure—which…
        This tool case set is ideal for storing different types of tools. A high-quality hard tool case large enough to hold just about everything you will need. Also, offers the storage and portability of …

        Aluminum flight case

        Aug 12, 2020
        We have experienced developers and they recognise the need to provide a long-lasting, rugged flight case for multiple trips with heavy payloads.
        Aluminum Carrying Case is a great way to store and transfer tools. The aluminum construction is hardy and can withstand the harsh elements of daily use, keeping items safe.

        Aluminum Briefcase

        Jul 29, 2020
        A briefcase that usually equipped with a handle is a narrow box-shaped bag or case used mainly for carrying papers,laptops,magazines and other lightweight products.
        Aluminum custom cases are made from rigidized sheet and are designed from scratch to meet their specific application. A rigidized sheet can give great hardness for a given material thickness without …
        Sungi told me he was looking for an aluminum case product that is rugged and can keep out water

        Aluminum Briefcase

        Jul 1, 2020
        our factory mainly produces customized aluminum cases. Our cases are made according to customers’ requirement, such as size, color, lining, logo, which means we will not have ready stocks but can m…
        We have some regular gun cases with silver frame and black panel or silver panel, they are our basic model, without MOQ.