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        60-Piece Tool Kit in Aluminum Tool Case Which Carry and Put Tools in Order

        2019-07-12 16:44:28

        In usual work time when we use tools, we often meet some questions: one the one hand, we want to carry tools very well, on the another hand, we want to put tools in orders. There are some styles case which used to put tool kit:
        1, Blow plastic case, it is cheap style. But, the inner tool are often fall off, it due to the shape of plastic are easy to change, and it is not tight.
        2, Metal tool kit and injection plastic case, they have same question, the mold cost is too much expensive. Once use a style, it is not easy to change.
        3, Aluminum frame case/Aluminum tool case, it solve all the above questions. For the inner foam, it is easy to do the different cut parts to fit different tools.


        For this aluminum tool case, it includes:
        9×Hex key
        4×Twist drill
        2×Screw srivers 3*75
        1×PVC Tape
        1×Digital electric tester
        1×Long Nose pliers
        1×Combination Pliers
        1×Hardware box
        1×Hand saw
        1×Joint bar
        1×Claw Hammer
        1×Adjustable wrench
        1× 5M tape measure
        1×Electric drill
        1×Utility knife

        All the inner products could change as you need, then we could design new foam to fit. You just need to supply drawing of foam, or supply sample of inner product, then we could do the foam for you.

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