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        All Aluminum Custom Case

        2020-07-15 16:25:11

        Our factory, HQC aluminum case Co.,Ltd., mainly produces 2 kinds of cases, aluminum frame cases and all aluminum cases. All aluminium cases fall into two groups. These are custom and modular. We mainly introduce all aluminum custom case this time.

        First we need to know the advantages of aluminum material. Aluminium provides a high strength to weight ratio, is readily available and is completely recyclable.
        Aluminum custom cases are made from rigidized sheet and are designed from scratch to meet their specific application. A rigidized sheet can give great hardness for a given material thickness without adding to its weight. At the same time, areas of damage and wear are limited to the high spots and its appearance stays good throughout its working life.

        The mating edges of rigidized cases are finished with extruded sections that are riveted in place. These add to the overall stiffness and provides accuracy as they carry the vital extruded seals.

        Case edges can be formed into a radius. The rigidity of the sheet material limits the minimum size of the fold radius and for a tighter edge the sheet is cut and seam welded. Seam welds provide the case with great strength and assures water tightness.

        Corners can be reinforced with steel covers, again riveted in place. These recessed corners, as well as being very tough, reduce the chance of inflicting damage with the case itself.

        Finishes can be sprayed or power coated to a range of colors at the client’s request, from discrete, for camouflage, to attention grabbing, for safety equipment.
        Custom design is enhanced by a wide choice of hardware – hinges, latches, stays, handles, wheels etc.
        So an aluminium custom case is specifically designed to resist water tightness, provide equipment protection, tolerate abrasion. They can provide very special protection for valuable pieces of equipment against environmental and transit challenges.