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        Aluminum Barber Tool Case

        2020-10-15 15:56:48

        A barber tool case is an organizer to hold tools such as clippers, trimmers, blades, shears, combs, brushes and other hair styling tools.

        It applys to people who are professional barbers,who are hairdressers and who wants to cut their hair at home

        HQC aluminum case Co., Ltd. develops a new style of barber case as below photo. Size is 22*10.6*4.72inch. Outside is made of MDF panel, silver aluminum frame, silver hardware including hinges, protective corners,coded locks, handle. Inside is made of elastic band, velcro, small boxes and shelves.

        Regarding inside space, there are mainly 5 parts for various functions

        First we talk about the base from left to right. There is a compartment with grooves and shelves in the left, inside which are 10 slots dividing required areas for specific articles. In the middle, there are 10 velcros for fixing electrical hair cutters,trimmers or something of bigger size. In the right, there is an empty box, for storing any tools you would like to.

        Then we talk about the top. Left part is space for fixing 4 sets of scissors. Right part is space for putting combs, brushes etc..

        A functional barber case is finished. But you can design the case according to your requirements. For example you can put 3 boxes in the base, and only put elastic bands in the top to fix simple barber tools. Or you can add some pockets in the lid for tools storage. There are too many choices for lining.You tell us what you want, we will make it.

        So if you want to buy barber case with top grade aluminum finish and construction, reinforced alloy corners for extra durability, customized color and professional lining, HQC is your best choice.