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        Aluminum Box VS Simple Box

        2021-05-29 08:50:33

        The aluminum box and the simple box have their own advantages, so why has the aluminum box become more and more popular and become the most widely used box in the market? I think you will find the answer from the following comparison of the difference between the aluminum box and the simple box.

        1.The appearance difference between the two:

        The aluminum box is a closed box with a rear-opening door and a convection cooling fan; the simple box is a fixed display unit board, without a box structure, and no convection cooling fan.

        2.Cost analysis:

        The aluminum box is designed with aluminum profiles and gear suspension posts. The unit price of the screen equipment purchase is slightly higher than that of the simple box. However, it is easy to use, has good safety protection measures, and invisibly prolongs the service life; the weight of the simple box The standard lifting aluminum boxes are comparable, and the simple box has a slight advantage in cost, but considering the overall service life, it will give a lot of discounts, thereby increasing the cost.

        3.Detailed analysis of the two:

        The electronic components of the aluminum box are located in the sealed environment of the box, which reduces the probability that the electronic components are exposed to the air and will be damaged by salt spray. In outdoor use, it can avoid the direct rain immersion to the screen. The back of the cabinet is designed with a convection cooling fan to reduce the impact of temperature changes on the life of the light-emitting diodes and increase the service life of the entire screen; the simple cabinet is made at the expense of the service life of the display, and it uses less materials. There is no box structure, no back cover, no cooling fan, and the screen body depends on natural heat dissipation.

        4.The starting point of both design:

        The aluminum box is designed in consideration of the overall safety and service life of the display; the simple box is designed by the customer in consideration of cost savings.