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        Aluminum Briefcase

        2020-07-29 14:11:36

        A briefcase that usually equipped with a handle is a narrow box-shaped bag or case used mainly for carrying papers,laptops,magazines and other lightweight products. Lawyers commonly used briefcases to carry briefs to present to a court, hence the name. Business people and other white collar professionals also use briefcases to carry papers, and since the 1980s, electronic devices such as laptop computers and tablet computers. Some briefcases have only a main internal space, while others may have subsections, accordion sections, small pockets, or dividers. Briefcases may be made from leather, vinyl, durable fabric, thin metal (such as aluminium), or plastic. Leather, vinyl, or fabric briefcases may have externally-accessible pockets or sleeves in addition to the main storage space. Some briefcases made of fabric may have a shoulder strap. Briefcases typically have a lock to protect the contents. Nowadays, briefcases may have padded internal pouches to protect laptop computers.
        HQC aluminum case Co., Ltd. mainly supplys aluminum briefcases, including aluminum frame briefcase and pure aluminum briefcase.
        Aluminum frame case does not need moulds for varied sizes and we can change its surface by changing the ABS,PU or aluminum surface. We usually use 2mm EVA around and pocket in lid for inside. External and internal space can be customized
        Pure aluminum briefcase needs a mould for each size. If customers want to customize the color, the aluminum needs oxidation. It requires quantity 200pcs and more. Internal space can be customized as well. Pure aluminum briefcase will be more expensive.
        These cases can be printed customers’ logos by silk screen, laser or aluminum plate. Hardwares can also be customized.
        Both aluminum briefcases have its advantages and suit different people. Our customers can choose according to their specific requirements.