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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Aluminum Briefcase

        2020-07-01 11:16:45

        At the beginning of June,we received an inquiry from Malaysia customer. He told me that he would like to buy aluminum briefcases.
        Firstly, he wanted to know the ready size and ready stocks. But our factory mainly produces customized aluminum cases. Our cases are made according to customers’ requirement, such as size, color, lining, logo, which means we will not have ready stocks but can make the case to almost any reasonable size.
        I told him about this and asked him if we could get the size of his product. He understood and told us the product size was 14*9.5*3inches. Our case must have enough space for this dimension. We can make it.
        Secondly,we wanted to know how to design the inside lining, so I sent him some photos for reference. He told us he wanted egg foam for lid and 2mm EVA for base. It was a good choice for case of this size.
        Before providing quotation, we confirmed with him if he wanted coded lock or common lock which was cheaper. He took it into consideration and chose common lock to save cost.
        The customer’s qty is 50pcs and we gave him a favorable price. We hoped to have a good start with this customer.
        He felt satisfied with the price and confirmed order soon. Next day he transferred full payment.
        The production time took 15 days and the goods have been delivered.
        It was a pleasant communication with this customer. Although he does not buy large quantity and this case is simple one, he knows which kind of case fit his products well and give us clear requirements, which can help us to design the case quickly.
        We welcome all the customers to discuss with us how to design the case. We have 10-year experience on aluminum case and will develop more.