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        Aluminum Display case

        2021-07-28 13:47:13

        Our factory offers aluminum cases, briefcase, aluminum medical cases, flight cases, and custom tool cases, etc., We got inquiries from our customers who want to display and protect their products for sale, whilst keeping them dust-free, and would welcome the chance to reduce sticky fingers, we advise using the aluminum display case, Here are more details as follows:


        This durable display case ensures that your jewelry items are both protected and professionally displayed; This aluminum glass top jewelry display case has security side panels that allow you to display your pieces beautifully while keeping them dust-free and secure. a glass top provides easy viewing while keeping everything secure; Two stand-up bars that fit into a channel in the case's frame allow you to set the case in an open position when desired. The case is aluminum; it is lockable and comes with two keys. The two lockable latches on the lid help keep you from losing any items.


        Our aluminum display cases are made of high-quality aluminum and acrylic material with exquisite workmanship, environmental-friendly, sturdy and durable to use. with fashionable design, elegant appearance and excellent quality, looks delicate and luxurious, perfect for storing your watches in your home or using as a great gift for your friends. Also, Top transparent acrylic viewing window could help you find your watch easily without opening the box, and the metal clasp provides a secure closing of the box. Except for use as a watch gift box, it also can be used to collect your bracelets, bangle and other jewelry, practical and multi-functional.


        HQC is a custom aluminum case factoryas well advance in technology and equipment to process small and very large orders. We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your success. And welcome to visit our website: