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        Aluminum Ping Pong Paddle Cases

        2020-11-25 14:31:51

        There are many different ping pong boxes in the market, but if you are looking for maximum protection for your table tennis paddle, we would like to recommend an aluminum case. It’s easier to store your ping pong paddle cleanly, protect it from moisture and sunlight, convenient to carry and very popular with customers.  

        Our aluminum racket cases are customized with high density EVA foam racket insert for protection, it offers space for safe storage of a normal sized table tennis bat and 3 table tennis balls and 1 racket.If you have special shaped table tennis racket, we also can custom foam as required.

        the frame is made of durable aluminum construction and  metal case construction for maximum full coverage protection. Our regular color are silver, black,blue. Custom colors are available for us.

        Easily remove table tennis racket without touching rubber face using finger holes, Easy-open latch System keeps contents secure throughout Transport. Our outside dimension of this case is 300*228*52MM, of course, customized size is also available.

        Our aluminum table tennis racket Case is still pretty lightweight considering Conveniently and safely transport.Using the racket case decreases the dust
        On the face of your blade and extend the tack life of the rubber.

        HQC aluminum case manufacturer has focused on customizing aluminum case for more than 9 years, We strive to give value, quality and choice. We know value is about more than price, it is also shown in the quality of our products and our expert, professional and friendly service.

        Our aluminum ping pong paddle cases are very sturdy for lasting protection of your table tennis racket and sample is free (without shipping cost),please feel free to contact us if any interests or please visit our website. Here is link of our website: http://www.c-hunt.com