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        Aluminum Poker Chip Case Set

        2021-02-25 08:52:25

        HQC aluminum case Co.,Ltd. is a company and factory that specializes in producing custom aluminum cases.In recent 2 years, aluminum poker chip case sets are very popular among foreign customers. We have 200pcs, 300pcs,500pcs,1000pcs poker chip set case. Not only we can produce cases, but also can supply poker chips and other sets.This time we introduce you 500pcs poker chip set case.


        This new and latest executive-style aluminum case is made of high grade aluminum materials. Its exterior dimensions are 22.25 x 8.25 x 2.5 inches and interior dimensions are 21.75 x 7.75 x 2 inches. It has been redesigned for a stronger reinforced frame structure. It is also built with heavy duty hinges, unlike most aluminum chip cases that are made of cheaper quality hinges that can break off easily.

        The interior is made black velvet material and insulated with a sponge lining for better protection of the chips. The case has 10 slot dividers that can hold 50 chips per slot, for a total of 500 chips. There is also a space for 2 decks of standard size playing cards and 5 dice.

        We can also supply poker chips of different materials, such as PC, clay, ABS; of different weight, such as 10g, 11.5g,14g; with numbers and without numbers. These will influence the unit price of poker chip case set. You can make different suits for customers with different requirements.

        When you stay at home, go on a trip, call on relatives and friends, poker chip case set is a good choice when playing with your family members and friends.

        Protect and store your valuable chips in these durable and stylish cases! Go to HQC website to find what you want!