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        Aluminum Storage Case

        2021-03-18 09:16:43

        HQC Aluminum cases factory provides many different kinds of aluminum cases, Currently one of our aluminum cases is very popular, it’s aluminum storage cases. The different parts of our regular aluminum case are made of all aluminum with many benefits.

        Aluminum storage case provides perfect protection, even under the most extreme conditions. lightweight, rugged, and dust and water-resistant. Its durable construction provides optimal protection for any contents and is available in some standard sizes. The length and width can be customized as your request.  Options include foam and finishes.

        Aluminum Storage Cases are exactly what you need to safely store and organize your gear. They are made with a heavy 1mm thick aluminum sheet, with ribbing on the larger ones for strength and heavily reinforced, top corners made of aluminum castings. This was designed so that you could stack like-sized cases, without them slipping off of each other. The handles are made of steel with rubber grips, which are spring-loaded. The clasps are made of steel. The handles and clasps are riveted to the body. No tack welding! The lids are hinged on the wide side, back, and have hold-open tapes. The upper edges of the open cases have rubber seals, to prevent moisture and dust from entering the cases.

        Aluminum storage boxes intended for industrial, universal use for a broad range of applications, like manufacturing, packaging, storage & transportation, organization, or protection. Robust transportation boxes, superior in safety and economical in use, equipped with all necessary features to fulfill various tasks. Recyclable aluminum cases contribute to sustainable development in the industry.

        Our aluminum cases are highly engineered and durable aluminum housing is made to look even better and more stylish. High quality, lightweight and durable aluminum cases with the most comfortable and pleasant feel for any user. welcome to visit our website: http://www.c-hunt.com/