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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Aluminum gun case

        2020-06-17 15:11:09

        In June, we received an inquiry on gun case. This customer is from Ecuador and told us he needed gun case for AR-15 airsoft replicas but he needed the most economical one. He did not tell us the dimension of AR-15 and just told us standard one. So we searched from the Internet. Finally we decided to make a case of external size 54.63" x 15.5" x 6" and internal size 51.5" x 12.63" x 5.25".
        In fact, this customer were going to buy a plastic one. But our factory are specialize in producing aluminum case. So what is the advantage of aluminum case compared with plastic case? First, aluminum case can be customized to any size(reasonable size), it saves moulding fee and can totally fit customers’ products. Second, aluminum case is more economical when bare capacity is same. Third, aluminum case is hard case, therefore it will be more durable and have better resistance to pressure. I told all the strengths to this customer, and finally he agreed to check our cost of case first.
        Next step, we were talking about inside design. He wanted to customize the inside foam but we had to open mould for specific shape.It would cost him more. I suggested him to use egg foam both lid and bottom or egg foam for lid and full foam for bottom, which could also fix the airsoft in the case. He agreed and we were going to check the shipping cost with forwarder.
        This customer was a retailer in his country and did not have big qty. But our factory can produce for him even with small qty. We have confidence to offer a qualified and nice looking product, which will bring him more sales.We are looking forward to future business with him.
        If you have demands on aluminum gun cases, do not hesitation to contact us!