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        Aluminum tool case set

        2020-12-03 10:47:49

        HQC aluminum case Co., Ltd. is a factory that produces aluminum cases, especially aluminum tool cases.

        Recently, tool case set is very popular among our customers. We have developed 4 kinds of tool case sets. There are 3 in 1, 4 in 1 and 5 in 1 with different sizes, for various applications

        As above photos shows, case surface can be aluminum or ABS or fireproof. Color of surface and aluminum frame can be customized. Main body is MDF or plywood. It depends on case size and its capacity. Foam insert including custom foam, egg foam, diced foam, full soft foam, hard foam or thin eva lining around is for your choice. Customers are able to design the case according to their requirements.

        Except size,color,material and foam, hardware can be customized. For example, there is American handle and elastic handle; right corner and round corner; cylindrical stand and fan-shaped stand; key lock and alloy lock.

        Our cases are mainly for middle and high-end users. We strictly control the quality in production cycles. There are people specially checking the product quality before packing, including its appearance, lining ,installation, and customers special requirements. We are dedicated in providing qualified cases with favorable price.

        Product itself is one aspect, the other aspect is package and delivery. We will use suitable package to protect the cases, at the same time, save the cost. People who load the containers have 5-year experience, they know how to make full use of space and protect the packages and cases.

        HQC controls every step from production to delivery, which helps to avoid many after-sales problems and increase customers orders. Every customer deserves a HQC case.