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        Cosmetic case with LED lamp

        2020-11-20 14:03:01
        Cosmetic case is an organizer to put all kinds of makeups. But for professional makeup stylist, light is very important when they work. Then cosmetic case with led lamps was born.

        HQC aluminum case Co.,Ltd. can supply 2 kinds of cosmetic case LED, one is carrying case, another is larger case with wheels and stands.

        圖片1.png 圖片2.png
        Inside carrying case, there are 4 long life led lamps in the lid which has adjustable brightness controls, can save energy, last longer and protect cosmetics from overheating.In the bottom, there is removable compartment box with dividers, adjustable and customizable to your style.

        Carrying case is of small volume, lightweight, elegant, nice-looking and very convenient whenever you want to go out and work.

        Regarding large makeup case with wheels and stands, there are 6 led lamps in the lid which have same properties as carrying case. In the bottom, there are 3 sets of trays. Above first set of trays, there are anti-dust caps. This kind of case is of large capacity to put many makeups and tools. It is also convenient to take it out because it has wheels to move. Last but not least, its 4 stands can help you to start work at any place and at any time. Now we have 21inch and 24inch for choice

        This is only our ready style and you can design according to your requirements, including surface, color, logo. Every professional makeup stylist deserves such a professional cosmetic case.

        HQC is a factory and trading company with 9-year experience producing aluminum cases and doing international trade. We are dedicated to helping each client design their own case. If you have any demand, welcome to contact us.