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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Custom Aluminum Storage Case

        2020-07-08 16:02:09

        Last week we receive an email from our customer from the USA, Sungi. He was a very professional buyer. Sungi told me he was looking for an aluminum case product that is rugged and can keep out water, a similar inner size is 540mm x 340mm x 220mm and attached pictures. It’s one of our pure aluminum storage cases, I told him customized size is okay for us and sent some more pictures to him to check as below:
        After he checked pictures and told us it’s the aluminum case he’s looking for. But he had a few questions as follows:

         Q1: What wall thickness do you use in your case?
        A1: The normal thickness is 1cm and 1.5cm for choosing, for most of our clients, 1cm is enough, and also we can custom it as customers’ request.
        Q2: Do you offer the cases in black?
        A2: Yes, we can provide an all-black aluminum case, but MOQ is 50 pcs.  
        Q3: Can I add a handle on the front?
        A3: of course, It’s okay for us, we have many different fittings for choosing and changing as our customers’ requests.
        Q4:  Can you send me closeups for the normal latches? Are they able to lock?
        A4: Please check the details picture of latches and yes, it can lock.
        Q5: Do you sell foam for the inside of the case?
        A5: Yes, we have wave foam, pick-up foam, EVA, PE hard custom foam, etc.,
        Q6: do you offer engraving or logo painting on the box?
        A6:  Yes, we also have some different ways of printing the logo, see the picture as follows.
        After a long discussion and solve customer’s questions, He decided to check the sample first, we’re glad to provide the sample to prove our quality and we believe our customers will love samples when they receive them. Please let us know if you also have any questions about the custom aluminum case.