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        Custom EVA Case

        2020-12-09 15:51:12

        Every product needs a case to protect and store, As a high-volume custom case designer and manufacturer, we can provide aluminum case and EVA case. EVA cases have their own unique benefits and are liked by our customers.

        EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) is a unique material made from ethylene and vinyl acetate. EVA cases are made of green material, zipper closures, carrying handles and shoulder straps, for inside of case, its with mold foam which can offer better protection items.

        EVA cases are more lightweight, convenient, and soft than aluminum cases, the unit price is also cheaper than the aluminum cases, and EVA cases also can keep products durability and security.

        In the production process, The mold costs of EVA case is low, customers can custom any shape as their preferences, custom in a variety of colors, Also, High-engineered design provides security against impact, dust, sun, moisture and other environmental stresses and Lightweight portability with the protection of a hard case. For the customized logos, you can choose embroidered labels, molded rubber logos, embossed logos, silkscreen and PU stamping and so on.  In addition, the advanced lamination process we have can create stronger adhesion of cover material.

        Because of its highly elastic material and superb toughness, By combining EVA has super-strong feature with an accurate and cutting-edge design method, the EVA case is perfect to create both soft and hardshell case for delicate device, sensitive equipment in a wide variety of industries, like medical carrying case, camera case, drone case, pro-A/V equipment case, tool case, consumer electronics case, keyboard case and others products.

        If youre looking for a good EVA case and manufacturer to make it, you can choose us, well provide low MOQ, free design, customized service. You can check more details via the link: