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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Custom EVA case

        2021-01-21 13:19:40

        EVA cases hit the sweet spot — combining the protection of a hard case with the versatility and portability of a soft case. Our semi-rigid cases have been used for presentation, military, medical, industrial, and OEM applications. These versatile fabric-covered cases offer infinite design options since both the interior and exterior can be consistently contoured to virtually any shape or size.
        HQC Case offers the latest alternative to hard and soft cases – custom EVA cases (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). EVAs feature a unique, molded foam interior. That’s why EVA cases offer better protection for case contents. Lightweight, yet sturdy, these cases look great while protecting what’s inside.

        The firm incorporates customer feedback evaluations to create and deliver superior performance and style product, specializing across a versatile range of EVA storage Cases, like Travel Case, Storage hard Case, Portable Case, Protective Case, Transport Case, Zipper Case, Packaging & Shipping Case, Tool Case, Binoculars Case, Dart Case, Flashlight Case, Glucose Meter Case, Keyboard Case, Microphone Case, Nintendo Switch Case, Paintball Gun Case, Rifle Case, and Stethoscope Case. The firm also specializes in EVA Molded Cases, Foam Cases, Clamshell Cases, Organizers, EVA Bag, Custom Designed Cases, Collecting Bags, Cache Boxes and other products.

        For EVA case, it fit small and middle case. The mold is cheaper than plastic case. But, more expensive than aluminum frame case. You could choose different style cases to meet your different requirements. HQC supply different style custom cases for you.