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        Custom Flight Case with Trolley

        2020-06-24 13:08:02

        We got an inquiry from our Alibaba shop last month. The customer from Russia, He’d like to custom flight cases for protecting his machines from away damage during the transportation. He also told us the inner size of box and weight of his machine, considering to convenience of transport, we suggested using wheels and trolley. The client thought it was a good idea.

        Custom flight cases are our strength and advantage, and we're happy to customize them as customers’ specifications. When we were preparing to make samples, the customers suddenly told us he forgot to tell us that there’s a hole vent hole to be customized on the flight case.  After we went over the details, we drew up a simple drawing for the customer to confirm. See it as follows.
        the customers thought our professional When the customer receives the drawing.
        For flight cases, we use a 30mm aluminum frame and 8mm plywood with four wheels and trolley, Various options of hardware are available such as recessed or surface catches, handles, and hinges. Internally trolley flight cases can be supplied with foam lining, foam inserts, or empty, for the customer to install their own equipment. it’s enough strong to protect his machines.

        See pictures of flight case and main features as below:
        Main Features:
        1. custom size
        2. Reinforced aluminum frame and metal corners
        3. custom foam lining
        4. Ideal for protecting and transportation
        5. Various wheel types available
        6. sturdy trolley and comfortable handle

        The customer has their forwarder and custom flight cases will be sent to him via lad transport, he will receive them within a month. Before a few days, we got a reply from our customers, he told us he’s satisfied with us. It’s happy to hear that from our customers.

        Any requests for custom flight cases, Contact us!