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        Custom Transport Case

        2021-05-14 09:28:32

        HQC aluminum case co., Ltd has customized aluminum cases for more than 12 years, Our many customers told us their products damage in transit is aggravating, they need largely preventable with good product packaging, to solve this problem, We customize transport case.

        Aluminum transport case can provide reliable protection against external influences even for delicate articles and safely taking them to their destination, have proven themselves for many products. In a transport case or equipment case, items are not only protected against impacts and falling – moisture and dirt cannot damage the packaged articles either. Transport equipment cases  can highly recommended for both private and commercial use.

        Our transport flight cases are manufactured with rugged plywood with black laminate,tongue and groove metal railing with high-impact ball corners,industrial-grade rivets, latches, spring-loaded handles, heavy duty soft-glide industrial casters.We can customized size on request. And some of our customers need to custom foam to fit their products, that’s also available for us, you only need to provide the drawing and that’s enough for us, According to feedback from our customers, They said our aluminium flight cases are extremely robust, durable and suitable for long-term use.

        Our custom transport case can stack side-by-side in a truck or trailer, these utility cases are perfect for productions on the move, Also, they suitable for presentation case,because they’re made with the super-sleek look of digital hexagon grids on all shell surfaces, which gives the cases an almost alien look.

        HQC aluminum case company has been providing quality cases for affordable prices for many years, our aluminum transport cases always are a perfect companion for keeping your gear safe during transport. Welcome to send an inquiry from you if any interests, You also can visit our website for choosing.