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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Custom aluminum case for Our customers in the Netherlands.

        2020-04-29 12:58:42

        We got a detailed inquiry from a Dutch company that is doing very well in selling supplies for meditation, yoga, and pilates. He’s looking for a company that can produce a box or case to serve the following requirements:

        - The box or case must be lockable, at least with a magnet-type, preferably with a lock
        - On the box there is our logo printed
        - Inside the box we want foam to contain the products in place:

        We told customer that aluminum cases he requested were our main products.
         Also, we introduced our regular foam like die-cut foam, router foam, wave foam, custom foam and pocket to his. The customer told us he’d like to custom foam but he did not know what kinds of custom foam he needed.

        Our engineers made drawings to him as his request, see as below,  Customer had trust in our companies experience and professionalism.
        The customer was the first-time to the custom aluminum case, he was not sure that black aluminum case and white aluminum case which one was better for him. So we advised we’ll custom two kinds of colors of aluminum cases for choosing. He said it was a very good choice. He ordered 50 pieces immediately.

        We sent some pictures to him to check before mass production, He visited our website and noticed we have different types of handles for the cases. He asked us can we use the one as on the case in this picture. He thought it was much prettier than in the sample.
        We checked the cost of handle was more expensive than handle we quoted. But as we first cooperation, we’d like to change parts as customers’ request and did not add cost for customer.
        The 50 pieces have been sent to customers and we believe he'll be satisfied with our aluminum case.