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        Custom aluminum hard case

        2020-01-16 17:10:19

        Why choose aluminum hard case and how custom aluminum case?

        As we know, aluminum have many advantages for making case, Here are reasons you can choose aluminum case as following:

        1.It’s very lightweight.
        aluminium is a metal with excellent mechanical properties, which is applied in many technological sectors. Comparing stainless steel and iron case, Same volume, aluminum case is much lighter than them. Also, it is very resistant to many forms of corrosion and has almost zero maintenance cost.

        2.Highly sturdy and durable.
        The strength of aluminum offers much better fracture toughness than most other materials used in case construction. It is resistant to impacts, mechanical breakage, and propagation of fractures; it does not easily stress, tear, or crack.

        3.Nice finishes.  
        Aluminum case have a very nice sooth surface, Red, black, silver and many different colors could be chosen, it’s also very beautiful, Please kindly see it as below:
        4.Custom is very easy and low cost.
        If we’d like to custom hard plastic case, we need to open mold, the plastic mold cost is very expensive and need time to modify mold.
        but for aluminum case, you do not to pay mold cost.   Aluminum cases can be easily customized using secondary operations such as drilling, laser cutting, riveting, welding, brazing, soldering and more.  Any size can be customized as our customers’ requests.

        5.Hard aluminum Frame for Protection from damage
        With a solid frame and outer shell, the hard case offers more protection if the case is dropped or jostled. This is particularly helpful for transport to prevent damage.

        Besides, when your products put into a custom aluminum case with a diamond panel, see pictures below. Your products will look very high-end and luxurious.
        How to custom aluminum case?
        It’s effortless. Just let us know size and inner lining you need. Then we can custom aluminum case for you.