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        Customized Case to Carry and Display Watch

        2019-07-18 08:49:55

        When we go to shopping in shopping mall, we often see different display cases. Right display case could show the feature of inner products better, and enhance the grade of product, and enhance the buying inclination.

        Today, we recommend our two style customized watch cases, they used to carry and display watch.
        One style is aluminum frame case, it has too many features, please check our website.


        For this style watch case, the top panel is transparent one, we usual use acrylic panel, it is strong than usual glass. From transparent panel, we could see the inner watch well, sometimes, do not need to open case. And it could help to let more ray of light to reach watch, could let watch to see more shine.
        In the bottom of case, we use die cut foam to protect watches, and every watch have a holder too. The surface of foam could change to meet different requirements.

        Another style watch case is this style


        The surface of this style case is imitation leather, it could save cost, but it looks nice too. Other parts is similar to another case.

        If you need any style display case, please feel free to contact HQC Aluminum case:
        HQC founded in 2011, are a custom case manufacturer ,providing aluminum tool cases, aluminum equipment cases, aluminum instrument cases, aluminum briefcases, aluminum gun cases, rifle case, shourt gun case, flight cases, transport case, aluminum carrying case, hard plastic case and presentation cases for commercial, industrial, and military applications.

        Welcome you at any time.