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        Different inner lining of aluminum cases

        2019-01-29 15:30:10

        For inner lining of aluminum case, there are some different styles. To let you understand them better, we introduce their best features to you.
        1. For hardness:
        Hard foam > EPF foam > soft foam

        2.For cost of them:
        Hard foam > soft foam ≥ EPE foam

        For Nylon lining, they usually used in briefcase (laptop case) and aluminum cosmetic case. They are easily to be understood.
        For usual aluminum tool case, please check:
        For inner layers, they are usually used in aluminum cosmetic case. And dimension , quantity could be changed to meet customers` requirements. For cosmetic case, please check: http://www.c-hunt.com/Aluminum-Cosmetic-Case.htm

        When you choose the aluminum cases, once you confirm the dimension of case. These information will be helpful to you to confirm the inner lining.
        Of course, whenever you need, you could contact us directly, HQC Aluminum Case will help you to solve all your questions of cases.