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        Different lining for cases

        2019-09-25 10:59:48

        For aluminum case and flight case, there are too many different lining. But, for some customers, it is difficult to choose first time. Now, we list some usual ones for you, hope it could help you confirm the style which you need.

        * For some big flight case, if just put heavy product into cases and do not need to protect very well, or customer have their own protective packing and only need to put product into flight case. Usually, do not need to add any lining, like this one:

        * Of course, if customer want to protect inner equipment or instrument better, for this big flight case, we usually could glue 20 MM EPE foam or EVA foam too( EPE foam is cheaper style, it could save cost), like:

         * For some aluminum case, some customers want to put different parts of products into case better, and they could put in order, when transporting, they will not move. Then we recommend to use cut-foam in the case, like this one:
        All inner parts could cut according to your drawing or sample.

        * There are some customers who could not confirm how to cut foam, at least, they could not confirm how to cut foam when you buy cases. There is a style foam which could solve this question for you. Pick up foam/dice foam:
        For this style cut foam, it is good choice for people to do DIY case.

        * Some customer maybe need briefcase, then put documents and laptop into case. We recommend this style lining:

        If need, we could add a strap in the bottom of case too. It could fix the laptop during transporting. Like:
        Of course, there are many style tool cases, most of them, there is tool panel in the lid, and there is cut foam in the bottom of case too. Like:
        HQC Aluminum case have many years experience to do cases. If you have requirements, please feel free to contact us.