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        EVA Camera Case

        2020-12-17 09:31:59

        HQC case is an enterprise that integrates trading and manufacturing, not only can supply aluminum case, but also can supply EVA case
        EVA case is lighter and cheaper than aluminum case. If you do not have strict requirement on its hardness and anti-collision, EVA case will be a good choice

        Let us introduce an EVA camera case to you. This case is made of 600D oxford for lid and EVA for bottom,sized 24*17*8cm. One handle and 2 zip pullers are included for easy carrying and closing & open. Inside the case, there is a mesh pocket in the lid for cables and a simple bag which can be used separately to carry other accessories. In the bottom, there are 5 patches—4 long patches and 1 long patch,with which the bottom space can be divided into at least 6 compartments. You can put cables,films,camera,camera lens,brackets etc. inside. The patches are with Velcro at both ends, which can be attached to the side case and prevent items from moving around when transportation.

        The case has below advantages.
        First, we use high density woven fabric and EVA to make it anti-scratch, relatively waterproof and durable.
        Second,inside padding can protect camera and accessories well
        Third, suitable size but big internal capacity will accommodate more items but the case will not occupy much space of your travel bag.
        Last but not least, the patches can be combined arbitrarily to divide space into different compartments, which can allow you to store different items, not only camera.

        HQC is able to supply various EVA cases of ready moulds, such as EVA case for thermometer, switch, PS5,fitness ring,walkie talkie, earphones. We have low MOQ and fast delivery. We hope to get your kind inquiry.