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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        EVA Case for Wireless Bluetooth Audio to put and carry sound equipment

        2019-06-26 12:19:17

        HQC Aluminum Case make too many style aluminum cases, besides, we have another style case, it is light, the surface is soft and the costing of mold is cheaper too much than injection plastic case too, it is EVA case.

        EVA Case is the use of hot pressing technology, finished products of various styles, easy to carry. External material can be stretch cloth, Oxford cloth, silk, mesh cloth, PU, lining can be stretch cloth, velvet, etc.Can according to customer requirements screen printing LOGO, plus hook, belt, leather label, cloth label.
        In addition, our factory can heat transfer any design as EVA material inside and outside.

        For example:


        This EVA case is designed to put wireless bluetooth audio. If use usual hard case, the cost of it is expensive than EVA case. But, if just use soft case, it could not protect inner equipment well. So, EVA case solve all these two questions.
        Besides, the color of case, parts of materials, inner pocket ect all could changed to meet customers` requirements.

        Of course, if the inner instrument of equipment is too big, we do no suggest to use EVA case. We recommend to use our flight case.
        Anyway, HQC case have too many different style cases. If any customer have need of packing, please feel free to contact us.