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        Experience to design aluminum tool case

        2020-04-08 14:53:10

        We are factory to supply aluminum tool case, flight case and cosmetic case
        In Feb, 2020, we received an inquiry from American customer who wanted to get aluminum tool case for their golden sheet, sized 28*15*3CM. They sent the product photo of aluminum cases designed for electronic physiotherapy products for reference(see below photo). They wanted us to use golden aluminum frame and corner, other white. As a professional case supplier, we know when the height is less than 8CM, it is impossible to use the same technology as below case.
        So we recommend one box case(see below photo) to our customer. It can be used golden aluminum frame and ABS golden corner. This case is very delicate and high level, matching with their golden sheet. Because we add egg foam in the lid to protect the product, the total height will be 5.2CM finally. It is much close to our customer’s requirement.

        Our customer wants to customize the foam for lid(see below photo),2 squares sized 10*10CM. It is easy to open mould for the shape and size. We choose soft foam to stick to the panel. Until now, we have finalized all the details and materials. Our customer is satisfied with our professional service and will order 500pcs. Proforma invoice has been sent to our customer.
        Because present epidemic situation is serious in USA, our customer’s company is closed for some days and they are staying at home. When the coronavirus is over, they will start first business cooperation with us. We have confidence that the deal will happen with this customer.
        Friendly reminder to all our friends, life is the most important, please take safety measures when you go outside and take care of yourselves. We believe all of us will overcome the difficulties!