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        Guitar case

        2020-10-09 16:38:42

        A guitar case is a special accessory that prevents mechanical damage to guitar and protects it from dust, humidity and temperature changes, especially during transportation.

        Protecting your instrument from damage and dirt is an important part of its maintenance. The guitar needs a proper protection during transporting to and from shows, traveling, practicing or storing it. Proper storage adds years to guitar's life and helps to maintain its original look and sound.

        The guitar cases are divided into 2 types, soft cases and hard cases. Soft cases are usually made from soft, flexible, often water-resistant material while hard cases , in contrast, usually have a solid shell and provide excellent protection against temperature, humidity, and physical damage.
        Such hard cases , they are bigger, heavier and very resilient. Hard cases are ideal for a touring guitarist who spends a lot of time traveling, either by car or plane. If your guitar is constantly being transported, a hard case will protect it from being dropped, scratched or pressed.
        Compared to other methods of storing, hard cases are by far the most secure. If the guitar is in the case almost nothing can happen to it unless someone would steal it from you.

        HQC aluminum case Co., Ltd.. mainly produces hard guitar cases and has developed many styles for Strat, Les Paul etc. Customization is available for guitars of different models, including color, logo,hardware, foam.

        There are a lot of guitar cases to choose from, so the final decision comes down to personal circumstances. The main goal is getting one that protects your guitar so it looks and sounds best for years of good performance.

        It is essential to make sure that the guitar fits in the case. So when you pick up the case, shake it a little bit, and make sure that the guitar isn't moving inside it very much.

        Furthermore, important factors to consider when purchasing a case are durability and security.

        HQC guitar case can meet above requirements and you deserve it.