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        Guitar flight case

        2021-05-21 09:39:06

        HQC Case is a manufacturer who produces aluminum cases including tool cases, flight cases, briefcases, medical cases, equipment cases.

        This time we will introduce a popular and practical aluminum instrument cases for you---Aluminum guitar flight case.

        This flight case sizes 18 × 19 × 48 in and weighs 42lbs, with 1/4″ flight panel,black velvet Interior, recessed corner casters. Its lightweight 3 space vaults are used for touring, traveling and flying. Cases fully loaded range is between 55-68lbs, depending on guitar vault or bass vault. It meant to house the guitars and small items i.e. wireless packs mounted to straps. It is easy to get around with a handle on top and recessed corner casters to pull these cases like a piece of luggage. 3 large foam straps are used to wrap around the body and hook into rails in the back,which is all you need to travel with the guitars in place. You deserve to have a light-weight and sturdy case with plenty of protection.

        There are no more straps added to these cases where the neck rest is. Also, large piece of foam in the lid is not installed or provided to keep weight of the case down.

        Our aluminum flight cases can be customized size, color, logo, lining as your request. We also offer case wrapping for an additional fee. Some special colors need MOQ. For the logo, we have silk screen, UV painting, aluminum plate, laser and emboss. For the lining, we can make customized foam, hard or soft with different materials.

        Our purpose is to provide high quality products and service for our customers, to help our customers expand business range and market!