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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        HQC Aluminum Case At Trade Fair

        2019-01-29 16:22:36

        HQC Aluminum Case often go to attend one or two Trade Fair every year. We just want to know how to improve our aluminum cases to meet different customers` requirements.

        From 2014/09/18 to 2014/09/20, we meet some customers. We learn the knowledge of their products. Then we know we could improve too much for some parts of our cases. Besides, some customers understand our factory better, they know we could do different styles of aluminum case and box, we could cut different foam for them...

        Besides, we know the popular tool cases from this trade fair. Then we could do some styles of these aluminum cases. Besides, we will design some cases by ourselves.

        Anyway, HQC Aluminum Case will attend more Trade Fair in future.
        To learn more knowledge and to let more customers know and understand us better.   

        HQC Aluminum Case welcome you to visit at any time.