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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        HQC Aluminum Case passed ISO certification

        2019-01-30 13:02:34

        HQC aluminum case found in 2009. a custom aluminum case manufacturer providing aluminum tool cases, aluminum equipment cases, aluminum instrument cases, aluminum briefcases, aluminum gun cases, flight cases, presentation cases and hard plastic cases for commercial, industrial, and military applications. Our facilities manufacture cases in a variety of materials including plastic, metal, and wood with or without foam interiors.

        During 2009-2016, we export our custom cases by agent. It could save cost for the new factory.

        In 2017, we get the right of importing and exporting by ourselves. We could export by ourselves:
        * Our sales volume increase too much in the past few years. If still export by agent, it will increase cost for us.
        * We want to get our own brand, we hope more and more customers could get better cases from us, and understand and accept our custom cases. When their friend need, they could recommend,etc.

        In 2018, we get the ISO certification:
        * In the past few years, some customers often mentioned that do you have ISO certification?
        We just considered that we could do better products, it is ok... But, sometimes, customers do not understand us better in the beginning. So, we get it this year, just want new customers could give us more chance at the beginning. For old customers, our cases have proved our quality and service, we really do not worry about it.

        * For our custom cases, there are mainly some materials
        1) For the foam, our supplier of foam have RoHS test report.
        2) For the glue-water, our supplier have SGS test report.
        3) For aluminum and metal materials, we will have SGS test report soon.
        4) For the panel, our supplier is very big factory. They have many test report too

        So, as our customers, please do not worry about the quality of materials.

        * Now, we get ISO certification. It could prove, we could operate the production very well.
        1) We all make production as plan.
        2) Could do the cases as customers` requirements.
        3) We all inspect every case 2-3 times. Do not give wrong or bad cases to customers.
        4) Our service is in time, you could find us on time when you need......

        HQC aluminum case are doing new case and improving quality of case every year. We will do our best to solve the customers` requirements. When you need any style case, please feel free to contact us. HQC aluminum case must be a good choice for you. Look forward to cooperate with you at any time.