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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        HQC New Factory

        2020-05-08 14:29:55

        In January 2020, our factory moved to new address-Chuzhou, Anhui.
        From 5th to 6th May, we went to our new factory and took a look at office, warehouse and workshop.
        Let me introduce our new factory to you one by one.
        It is in Mingguang city, Chuzhou, Anhui province, which is near city centre. It covers an area of 15,000 square meters, 4 times larger than our old factory.
        There are 4 buildings including 1 office building,2 workshops and 1 warehouse.
        Office building has 3 floors, including boss office, department managers' office, Sample room, dining room, meeting room.
        In workshop 1, there are machines for cutting panels, cutting aluminum, gluing ABS onto panels, sewing briefcase pockets.
        In workshop 2, there are 4 production lines, from combining aluminum frames with panel, assembling accessories to case, using rivets to fix each part, gluing foams inside case to final quality checking. Specially, we buy machines to print logo, produce customized foams and produce bubble bags oursevles, which saves much cost and can controls quality by our own.
        In warehouse, we store materials, such as panels, aluminum, foams, ready cases. For example, during the period of serious coronavirus, we bought materials in advance. Now cost of part of materials for making cases is higher than before, we can still keep the our price at a reasonable level.
        In the next step, we are going to perfect our sample room. This room will show the cases we have shipped and new developed ones. Our customers will have more choices.
        At the end of last month, we have passed PFOS and PFOA test, got the ROHS certification. The authorized institution is TUV SUD.
        Our factory becomes larger, we have bought more machines, our service becomes more comprehensive. We are getting better and ready to get more orders.