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        How to lower the cost of aluminum case

        2019-01-29 14:12:49

        For aluminum case, we usually use them to pack the products or to protect inner equipments. If possible, we want to try our best to lower the cost of aluminum cases. But it is a little difficult for most of customers to do it, we recommend some ways to save cost for you:

        Dimension of aluminum case
        If small dimension fit your products better, do not use big one. We could find reasonable way to put your products into the aluminum case, try to reduce the volume of aluminum case. It will bring too many better features:
        * We could reduce the cost of case firstly
        * We could save the cost of freight

        * We could save the cost of operation

        Choose suitable materials for your products
        1. For this case, the dimension is about 27*20.5*16 CM. The frame ( Profile ) of aluminum case is middle material. We usually suggest customer to use small frame ( profile ). Like this one:
        It is strong enough for this dimension.

        If we use middle frame, we must use 4 MM thickness panel at least. If we use small frame, we could use 3 MM thickness panel. Same dimension of aluminum case, if we use different materials, the price will be different too much.

        2. Choose the suitable inner lining for your case. For this parts, please visit: http://www.c-hunt.com/Interior-of-Aluminum-Case.htm
        We just recommend some main parts to save cost of aluminum case for you. Hope it could help you. If you could not confirm, we could design suitable aluminum cases for you when you need them.