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        Keyboard Flight Case with Casters

        2020-11-11 15:57:33

        The flight cases are widely used for transport delicate equipment, like musical instruments, DJ equipment, computers, photography and video equipment, weapons, DIY equipment, catering materials, etc. For some of the special requests of our customers, we made a flight case for the keyboard.


        Keyboard flight cases are made of typical parts of build flight case include aluminum extrusions, steel ball corners, recessed butterfly latches and handles. For better protection keyboard, We also use custom foam and casters, all fixed with rivets. So its actually really solid cases that can stand bumps and more convenient to carry in transit.  


        HQC keyboard flight case can be certain the quality of workmanship, attention to detail, particularly in the manufacturing process, which sees a number of advanced machine and skilled work to complete to ensure a flight case of the highest quality. how do we make them? Firstly, the unique aluminum flight cases section frame is assembled and cut to length, meanwhile, the panel material is cut to the required dimensions and a lot of color can be chosen. Following this, preparatory work on all of the components is carried out, The frame is assembled before the first panel sections are added,

        Corner joints and sections, including the specially designed exteriors, are with the main section of the case built, the fittings are then added, this includes wheels and castors, following this, the protective foam inserts can be added to further enhance the case and provide an additional level of protection, the exterior of the cases can also be printed with logos or instructions as required. The finished flight case will be packaged ready for dispatch to the client.

        For more information regarding the flight case, please visit our website at http://www.c-hunt.com/ or send an inquiry to us.