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        Lining Production Technology Of Aluminum Case

        2019-01-29 15:58:12

        The production process of aluminum case lining mainly includes five steps, they are typesetting, plate making, mold, materials and molding process. The lining detail treatment is very important. The reform of aluminum case lining production is mainly about scientific, systematic, processing details and precision reform.

        Aluminum case lining is one of shockproof material which foaming with composite. It can be cut into the diameter size of aluminum case in order to put tools, instruments and other device. After EVA foam is processed same as the real shape, putting the goods into the case is equal that the goods are fixed in the case. At the same time, it will provide a shock absorber. The instrument will not shake free, extrusion and collision. That has avoided damages to goods in aluminum case and protect all instrument and equipment in the case effectively.

        Aluminum case has become good helper to people since its reliable structure design and meticulous workmanship. Aluminum case has strong bearing capacity, solid and durable, beautiful and generous. It is widely used in packing and other industries. Now there are more and more people pursuit product packaging and transport process. Certainly the application of aluminum case is also increased.