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        Material structure description of aluminum box? double-sided aluminum sheet composite board

        2021-05-06 11:14:45

        Material structure description of aluminum box double-sided aluminum sheet composite board:


        The double-sided aluminum composite panel is a new type of material to show the future of aluminum boxes. The surface layer is made of fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) roller coating paint, and the weather resistance can reach more than 20 years without discoloration.


        1. Smooth and unobtrusive board surface-In the production process, a variety of advanced equipment is used to strictly control the dimensional accuracy, flatness and thickness of the board. Therefore, the surface flatness of the double-sided aluminum sheet composite board is significantly better than other aluminum box materials. The aluminum box using the double-sided aluminum sheet composite board has an integrated and flat appearance. In addition, due to the extremely high rigidity of the sheet, it can be kept flat The degree lasts the same.

        2. The high-strength, light-weight plate body-double-sided aluminum composite board has extremely high strength, excellent high-load resistance to torsion and bending, and excellent wind resistance. The double-sided aluminum composite panel is composed of two layers of anti-rust aluminum panels and polyethylene, so the weight is lighter than similar panels made entirely of aluminum or other metals.

        3. Excellent formability-double-sided aluminum sheet composite board is easy to shape. This kind of board can be more easily matched with slotted aluminum strip during production and processing. At the same time, it can be matched with interface aluminum strip with waterproof material, so that the transport box can be transported During the process, it is protected from rainwater, which can effectively protect the goods, facilitate the shipping, and has a more exquisite appearance.

        4. Durable, gorgeous and beautiful surface coating-the surface of the double-sided aluminum composite board is coated with fluorocarbon resin coating (PVDF), which has good brightness, strong adhesion, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chalking resistance, and ultraviolet resistance Irradiation and other characteristics. In addition, double-sided aluminum composite panels are also superior to panels made of metal in terms of sound insulation and shock resistance. There are dozens of standard colors for the double-sided aluminum composite board. At the same time, it can provide any required color according to customer requirements. The flashing silver is commonly used in the application of aluminum boxes.

        5. Excellent fireproof performance-modified polyethylene plastic core layer is used in the middle of the double-sided aluminum sheet composite board, which is non-toxic, and the two sides are covered with non-combustible aluminum layers. The fireproof performance exceeds the B1 level index requirement, so this is one This kind of safe fireproof material fully meets the fireproof requirements of aluminum boxes.


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