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        New design of aluminum medical case

        2021-02-04 10:56:55

        To meet more and more of our customers’ requests, HQC factory designed the new aluminum cases. By offering lightweight aluminum and featuring an extended opening that reduces the risk of cutting and tearing, these cases have become very popular among all the customers. We also provide custom service inside of the medical case, like foam, dividers plate. The Aluminum First Aid cases are also one of the most popular aluminum cases.


        The aluminum first aid cases are made of aluminum frames with the green panels or silver color.  The panels make these cases very durable. You should always have a case of these for first aid purposes. you can put an aluminum aid case in your home or your car, it's very convenient and could increase your chances of survival. You can get a lot of different sizes of these cases. and many different styles for choosing.


        Aluminum medical cases are very popular in the US. the UK, European market with high quality. It is easy to manufacture, easy to make, and has a high-end look to it. We are offering the aluminum medical cases for just around 6-10 USD/PC.you never have to worry about damage to the medical instruments. All you have to do is place the foam into the case; it fits perfectly.  They’re the best-selling Medical Cases in the European market,


        We can customize the size, logo, foam as our customers’ request.

         It is also a good option and the price is affordable. Please remember to contact us if you want to get a custom made case or to order your own. We design custom Medical Cases that will be a good fit for your needs. They also are available both in different panels, colors and parts. Please visit our website: http://www.c-hunt.com/Aluminum-Case.htm