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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        New experience to make aluminum case with RFID Fabric

        2020-05-13 14:50:18

        Every day we receive many different requests from our customers to custom aluminum boxes. As a factory which specializes in making aluminum cases, we do our best to meet the requirements of our customers.

        We received an email last week, The customer would like to custom aluminum box with RFID Fabric to block radio waves, black and with logo. The important point of the client's emphasis is a case which can block radio signal using RFID fabric lining.

        It’s very easy for us to make an all-black aluminum case with a logo. See picture as follows, But the request of RFID fabric, it’s new demands for us. We have more than 12 years’ experience in custom aluminum boxes, we believe we can meet customers’ requirements and do it well. We consulted with many manufacturers and found out what kinds of materials were most appropriate. After learning more, we took some samples to test and found that one of them worked well.
        After confirming the material of RFID fabric, we immediately made aluminum case and competed it in a short time.  Our engineer immediately took the sample to experiment and found that the results were not very good.  So, we communicated with the manufacturer to check what issues were causing it.  After some research, we found that we needed to form airtight spaces inside the box. Then it could be effective.
        So we redesigned the interior of the box and did a couple of tests,  Finally, we found a way which was very effective. See it as below:

        We glad to tell good news to our customers, he’s happy that we have got the function of the box correct to blocks signals using the insert. For looking more beautiful inside of box, The customer advised using self-adhesive velvet flock to line boxes. We made the sample as his advice and sent the sample to him. We believe he will like the sample.