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        Portable Aluminum Toolbox with Drawer Storage

        2021-03-11 08:59:08

        HQC aluminum case Co., Ltd. is a factory that produces aluminum cases, especially aluminum tool cases. Recently we develop a new style of tool case which has simple and beautiful overall shape. It is a multi functional tool parts box, convenient to store various trivial accessories.

        Regarding outside materials, it is made of high-quality aluminum alloy frame and high impact plastic-wood composite panel with smooth surface, protective metal corners. For inside materials, it is covered with 2mm EVA. But you can add storage mesh bag and elastic loop holders so that you can effectively use all the space in the lid and increase the capacity of the box,which store and protect tools from damage as well.There is big available/functional spaces inside the bottom, which are very suitable for personal and professional use.You can add shelves to divide the space into many compartments.Also you can put custom foam/egg foam/soft foam inside the case to prevent tools from damage.

        Most noteworthy is its design.Portable handle design on the top makes the case lightly lifted and carried. It is suitable for family and travel use. It comes with three locks, two locks to lock the lid and middle part, one lock to lock the drawer and middle part,which makes it strong and durable, safe and reliable. For the drawer, it can store some small accessories such as nails,drilling bits. It comes with a handle that makes it easily pulled out. With this toolbox, you can put it in your home, studio or car to take out the repair tool to repair damaged parts in an emergency.

        HQC is specialized in producing cases that will make everything tidier and more convenient. Warmly welcome your inquiry.