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        Professional Makeup cases

        2021-04-21 16:20:54

        Our factory not only provides all kinds of aluminum cases but also we make the perfect aluminum makeup case with different styles. Made with the highest quality materials, the Aluminum cosmetic case comes in different colors and sizes. With this unique and special case, I’m happy to bring this beautiful makeup case to you.

        Our cosmetic cases are designed with a durable aluminum frame, the makeup organizer with ample storage is perfectly fitted for stylists on the go. The main materials are aluminum can panel. they build with 2 extendable tiers divided into 4 small trays into both sides, the makeup box is great for neat organization of all your tools and products as well as quick access to all these items. The case could be wide opened, which makes it an easy way for you to choose what you need at the first sight.  See more features and picture as follows:

        1.Reinforced corners for greater strength and durability

        2.Made from long-lasting and sturdy aluminum alloy material

        3.Comes with handle for easy carrying

        4.A lock with two keys secures your treasures

        5.Attractive and spacious layout and design with a diamond texture surface

        6.Flannel lined interior to protect contents and cosmetics

        7.Large inner space with three tiers inside that fold out


        This hard-shell train caseis a good size for home and travel. It’s 14 inches long by 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches tall and many sizes for choosing. . When you open the case it unfolds to show four accordion-style trays and deep storage space beneath.

        If you're interested in makeup cases, you can contact us anytime. Here are a few more samples we've created: We will update this post and send an email when we have any of the product samples that are still available. Stay tuned! Or please check our website: