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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Scope of business

        2019-01-29 16:25:23

        HQC mainly do different styles cases.

        Our own factory mainly make aluminum cases, different flight cases, and different custom aluminum frame cases. Besides, we make different style molds of hard plastic cases  to meet different customers` requirements.

        Besides, we cooperate with 2 different factories:
        1, Aluminum shell case
        2, EVA case

        To consider the cost of molds, we list them:
        1) For aluminum case, it is first choice. It is easy to change the dimension of case, and do not need to pay for the charge of molds. If the quantity you need is not too much, we recommend to use this style case. And inner lining could design as you need too.
        2) For EVA case, it is second choice. The cost of molds is not too expensive too. It is soft style case, if you like this feeling, it is ok. But, if you need strong/hard style case, we suggest you use other style cases.
        3) For hard plastic case, it is third choice.
            But, it is very strong style plastic case. If you often buy same dimension case, and want to use it for long time and the quantity is not too small, we suggest to use this style case.
        4)For aluminum shell case, it is fourth choice.
           The charge of molds of this style case is most expensive. So, usually, we suggest customer to use the existing dimension.

        Of course, all the inner lining of these style cases could designed too meet customers` requirements.
        So, if any requirement of cases, welcome to contact HQC Aluminum Case at any time. We will do our best to service.