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        The aluminum carrying cases

        2019-01-29 15:30:52

        Our company isspecialized in all kinds of aluminum cases for customers. Our aluminum carrying case is made of high quality aluminum profile,with the features of solid structure, beautiful appearance, easy to use. These casesare widely applied in the beauty salon, combination tools, jewelry, watches,stage, instruments, meters, electronics, communications, automation, sensors,smart card, industrial control, precision machinery and other industries. It isthe ideal body of high-end instrumentation. The aluminum carrying cases with avariety of styles and purposes are designed and researched by our companyindependently, and the surrounding architecture is composed of bending aluminumpipe, surface is acrylic panel. What’s more, our aluminum carrying cases adoptfashionable computer lock and handlebar full of texture and sense. In a ward,our carrying aluminum case is clear appearance, and easy to carry. We believethat our aluminum carrying cases will bring more convenient and affordable to lifeand work. In addition, our products, flight cases, can provide powerful carrierto large and overweight products. The surface of our flight cases uses flameretardant PBS solid material which is fire prevention, waterproof, and acid andalkali resistance. Surrounding architectures are made up by aluminum packagematerial, case’s corners are composed of solid angle of hardware, and bothsides of the cases install the hand of bearing capacity. For ease oftransportation, the case can be install universal wheel whose weight up to twohundred kg, and flight case can protect the safety of the product with vibration-absorptivematerial inside. Our company can provide flight cases with different productdesign style, reasonable price, customer satisfaction. Hope our flight casescan make customers take off the trouble of transferring, and bring a lot ofconvenience for products’ classification and transportation.