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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        What customized requirements of customers can we meet?

        2020-04-03 13:26:52

        As a manufacturer specializing in a custom aluminum case with 12 years’ experience.
         What customized requirements of customers can we meet? Please check details as below:

        1.The custom dimension of aluminum case.  
        From now on, we have made many thousands of kinds of dimensions.
        We have some standard sizes for our customer's choosing.Like our Standard Aluminum Cases, see dimensions chart as below: 

        Item NO.Inner length(MM)Inner width(MM)Inner height(lid/bottom)(MM)

        For the size of lid and bottom, we also can custom as our customers’ requests. It does not matter if you do not know how height of lid you need, we will give you the best suggestions for you.

        2.Custom Inner lining
        we not only can custom inner lining as our customers’ drawing but also we have many different inner lining for your reference, like die-cut foam, pocket lining, egg foam and die-cut foam, etc., of course, you can depend on your demands to choose one or two kinds of foam.    Please see pictures as following,

        3.Custom color of panel and aluminum frame.
        For panel and aluminum frame, we have many different colors, black, silver, gray, blue and red and so on. Also, for material,  MDF, plywood and pure aluminum panel can be chosen. Please check picture of color attached. 
        4.Custom logo.
        Many customers want to custom aluminum case with their brand logo, they think logo on aluminum case brings a good first impression and gives business an identity. We have five methods for printing logo could be chosen. See as below:
        Glad to share an example with you, one of our customers from the Republic of Korea, we have been cooperated for one year, according to his request, we custom three sizes,  they are 53*35*18cm(6+12cm), 60*43*18cm (6+12) and 40*35*10cm (3+7).  also, custom inner lining, with strap and “made-in-China” sign. 
        Welcome to send inquiry If you have requested.